How It All Started

After a summer trip to the countryside to visit their grandmother, Ziad, Zeina, and her mouse pet friend Fizzy met Ding Dong the cat, a six thousand year (six imaginary-cat years) old, 2-meter tall, pink cotton candy cat with a purple tail and short legs. He comes to life through Ziad and Zeina’s imagination and the friends who love them.


Ding Dong showed them all the beautiful places of the countryside and served them as a guide; after that the four friends became inseparable and called themselves the Kidzz where the two zees stand for Ziad and Zeina.

Over a large delicious pizza the Kidzz went on discussing children’s rights, and how even in the world today we still have children going to bed hungry, or others that have to work to earn their living, and others that are abused, or that don’t go to school…


They felt they needed to intervene and to correct what adults were unable to accomplish in real life, so they decided to create an imaginary world that they called Kidzzdom, where kids enjoy all their rights and where adults have limited interference.


Ziad, Zeina, Fizzy, and Ding Dong took an oath to share their park with the world and agreed on 10 principles that will govern its existence and that will improve the adults’ world and draw a smile on all the children’s faces.

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    Ding Dong