Safe & Secure

Safety and security are the Kidzzdom® number one priority; parents entrust us with their most precious belongings and we on the other hand have an obligation to have the safest and most secure park for their children’s enjoyment and satisfaction by following the below standards

Design Standard

We follow the most recognized standards on design and manufacture starting at the earliest phases of conception, we keep testing all activities to make sure of their safety, we repeat the operation to make sure all precautions are accounted for, we have a regular preventive maintenance process to verify all vehicles and machinery are performing properly, we even have outside inspection to ensure the highest standards, and much more.

Training Standard

All our coaches and park employees undergo extensive safety courses and training to initiate them on how to offer edutainment content that is at the same time educational and entertaining. Similarly, they undergo training to teach them how to deal with all types of children and adults.

Admission Standards

All guests, children and adults, wear an RFID Band®: a state-of-the-art radio-frequency identification (RFID) that uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track children’s activities inside the park using an interactive IT system specially designed for Kidzzdom®. Admitting or exiting children from the park undergo a tailored algorithm that secures the safety of all children and the peace of minds of their parents or guardians.

Behind-the-Scenes Security Standards

Beyond all the security at the entrance and exit of the park, there are many behind-the-scenes security elements:

- Fire System: A comprehensive fire alarm system with many synchronized devices aiming at detecting and warning guests and employees through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present
- CCTV System: A 40 camera closed-circuit television system designed to track guests around the city.
- First Aid: Our park team have all received training sessions in first aid, in rescue, and in crisis evacuation to assist in any case of emergency.

It is our priority to ensure that we are implementing the most advanced security features while causing minimal impact on the guests’ experience.