Urban Structure

Kidzzdom® follows a concentric ring model of a modern city; it draws on human ecology theories, which compares the city to an ecosystem, with processes of adaptation and assimilation. Children automatically sort themselves into appropriate rings depending on their ages and aspirations in life. The Kidzzdom® urban structure is always divided into five distinctive rings: the train station, the downtown area, the main plaza, the sidewalk cafes, and the customs office.

Kidzzdom® is a replica of a real typical modern city, where all the city elements were scaled down in size to fit children, so that they belong more to that city and that their role playing becomes an aspiration rather than simple acting.

The city is composed of the most basic elements of a typical city such as a Train Station, Hospital, Police Station, Fire Station, Supermarket, Radio Station, Theatre, just to name a few.

More than 40 establishments and 100 different activities covering the most inspirational jobs that children like to perform.

Train Station

To enter the park all guests have to go through the Train Station that is themed as a typical European train station with ticket counters, cashiers, and train sounds. Children and adults get an RFID Band for their safety and admission to various activities, a Map to go around the city, and a train ticket to access the train that will drive them to the park.

On the train guests will experience the feeling of going on a train ride to Kidzzdom®, through the sceneries, train noise, and road bumps.

Main Plaza

The Main Plaza is the central plaza of Kidzzdom® and the open space connected to the most prominent building of the city: the Kidzzdom® Theatre. It is located on the other side of the Downtown Area and serves as a main attraction area that witnesses all the important events and celebrations in the city.

Sidewalk Cafes

The Sidewalk Cafes are the outdoor coffeehouses and restaurants that are scattered around the city.
These are the areas where guests, children and adults go to relax, dine, and socialize.
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Down Town Area

The Downtown area features all the shops, services, and industries that children can access to role-play their favorite activities. All establishments are designed to be exact replicas of real-life counterparts, where children follow a preset playact supported by relative props and materials to add realism to the activities. Establishments are segmented into the following categories:

  • Automotive
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Audio-visual
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Public Services
  • Financial

Customs Office

The Customs Office is the last stage to complete the trip to Kidzzdom® for our guests’ re-entry into their own city. In this area, that is themed as a typical customs office, guests are scanned by our customs officers to verify that they are in conformity with the park’s security restrictions and to remove their RFID Bands®. The last step before exiting the park is the Kidzzdom® Souvenir Store where our guests can get the best deals on Kidzzdom® clothes, costumes, toys, home decor, collectibles, and more to take their favorite heroes home with them or to share them with their friends and family!